Aug 07 2008

Slammer and Duncan

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These are Lisa Harrod’s CUTIES!!!!  Slammer and Duncan….or for short Slam-dunk.  Slammer is a Greyhound rescue from GPA MN. He is 8 years old.  He raced in Kansas for 3 years.  He loves his retirement forever home. Check out his pedigree page.

Duncan is a cocker Pomeranian mix.  He is 5 years old and still runs around like a puppy. We rescued him from a Wisconsin dog breeder.  He was so small and covered in fleas. I knew we had to save him. We always say our dogs won the lottery!!!  He is also loving his forever home.  When we are out of town they like their visits to Castle Rock… 

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Jul 09 2008

Snoopy and Thor

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Snoopy and ThorI’ll start this off!  Here’s my two cuties, Snoopy and Thor, annoyed by the flash.

Snoopy is the son of a grand champion and was purchased in Madelia, Minnesota.  We tried to talk the breeder Hallie into a better deal, but she was firm at $250.00.  We never sent in the papers.  Snoopy is now *gasp* ten years old.  That doesn’t stop him from jumping up on beds and darting for dropped food.

Thor is our rescue dog.  We rescued him when we brought Calvin, a Beagle we had, to the vet for his final nap.  It was SOOO sad to say goodbye to Calvin, who had cancer, and then not go home with a doggie.   As we were leaving, I said to our favorite vet, do you have any dogs here that need a home?  Well, Thor was there, and boy was he FAT!  He’s a HUGE black lab– the old kind, says Dr. Garlie, and he was ready to lose some weight.  We live on a hobby farm and so… he’s looking good, now, when he doesn’t have a bird dangling from his lips. 

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Jul 09 2008

Welcome to our Blog!

Fine Pet BoardingHi!  We’re Castle Rock Kennels in Farmington, Minnesota.  Welcome to our online community.  We’ve boarded dogs and cats for 15 years, and we enjoy our job.  Fun fun fun!  And we get to work with such cuties.  So, that inspired us to start this blog– we’ll blog some of our cuties so you can see our SUPERSTARS! 

Hey, do you board your pet with us?  We’d love to post information and pictures about your little cutie.  Simply e-mail us and we’ll include the info.  Love it!

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